Legal Videography

Legal videography is having a huge impact in the legal community. The advances made in this technology are making legal videography an important and effective legal tool.

Legal Videography Services

While there is no substitute for the court reporter’s official transcript, legal videography can effectively portray facts and emotions to the court and jury. Videotaped depositions demand attention, the kind of attention that allows the judge and jury to see every flinch, nod or wince of a witness and hear the witness’s voice with perfect clarity.

Legal videography is used to preserve testimony and witness demeanor, impeach witnesses at trial, and reduce trial costs by using video instead of in-person testimony. Video can also be used for: Day-in-the-life, Settlement video, Hearings, Living Wills, Witness preparation, Depositions, and much more. Our legal videographers can help you create an accurate and clear picture.

Court Room Technology

Our facilities are fully equipped for legal videography. Your video may be reproduced, edited, and synchronized to the legal transcript, and we can prepare your video for a trial presentation.

Legal Videography Technology 1
Legal Videography Technology 2Legal Videography Technology 3

In addition to all the services we provide, we now bring you the latest court room technology:

  • Trial Presentation
  • Video with Transcript Synchronization
  • Digital Video Editing & Duplication
  • MPEG Encoding
  • Legal Video
  • “Day in the Life” Recreations

When it comes to court room technology we utilize only the most modern software and hardware in the market place. We have a staff of knowledgeable and experienced Trial Technicians and Litigation Support Specialists available to assist you.