Legal Transcript

All Copy Orders come as a Certified Legal Transcript which include the reporter’s certification, a condensed version of the transcript, exhibits and scanned PDF-exhibits (if any). You have a choice of receiving a PDF or hard copy. The PDF format is really popular now in our paperless society.

Another addition to our services is the use of PDF files which eliminates the need to spend money on shipping costs. You will have immediate access to your transcript, exhibits and video using our online repository. We will notify you through our YesLaw software with the direct link to your electronic files. You can access to view or download these files from any computer or device without having to download any app for your device. If you end up going to trial and the judge expects a hard copy transcript, just call us and we can produce it or you can print out your PDF and give it to the judge. What we give you in PDF form is a certified transcript. More and more judges are welcoming PDF files which eliminates the need to store paper copies in the office.

Audio Transcript of Digital Files

Our certified court reporters can quickly and accurately handle your legal audio transcript needs. You receive an original and certified copy of the legal audio transcript. A condensed version of the transcript goes with the certified transcript.